It’s going to be another trailblazing summer in Los Angeles.

Last summer when the first ever Back to School Party made its way to East Hollywood in Los Angeles, it was following the trail of an earlier precedent set in the neighborhood by the First Ever Open Mic at Cahuenga during Spring 2018.

Both events were designed from scratch, essentially made up of ‘thin air’, and would go on to create rich reverberations in and around the neighborhood. Now, with a 2nd Annual Open Mic Night at Cahuenga Library officially done and documented, and with the official start of summer just over a week away, it’s my pleasure to announce that my team and I will be holding a 2nd Annual Back to School Party, once again at El Gran Burrito in Los Angeles this next Saturday, August 24, 2019.

The 2nd Annual Back to School Party will coalesce with several other projects by yours truly, including the East Hollywood Neighborhood Survey, an upcoming Summer Writing Challenge for Students in L.A., and more Los Cuentos Merch, among other goodies.

In other words, it’s an exciting time to prepare for summer heat in The City, where our marks under the sun wait once again to be remade. In celebration and anticipation of the next ‘BTS’ Party in East Hollywood–and a rich summer overall this 2019–it’s also my pleasure to publish the gallery below, each picture courtesy of Samanta Helou, of This Side of Hoover.

Each of Samanta’s pictures are proof of the power that emanates so boldly when communities come together unapologetically seeking something new for themselves. My world changed magnetically in the flicker of time that was the event–just as it would in the time following it–and I know I’m not the only one for whom that’s true.

I look to create the same opportunity for more of The City this next time around. As such, please expect nothing less than more big things from us this Summer 2019.


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