It’s Going to be Another Trailblazing Summer in Los Angeles

It’s going to be another trailblazing summer in Los Angeles. Last summer when the first ever Back to School Party made its way to East Hollywood in Los Angeles, it was following the trail of an earlier precedent set in the neighborhood by the First Ever Open Mic at Cahuenga during Spring 2018. Both events […]

10 Things We Learned from an Incredible Time at Our Back to School Party this August 25th, 2018

After 36 days of non-stop planning for our first ever BACK to School PARTY at El Gran Burrito, I needed at least a couple of days to rest and relax, to enjoy a bit of silence, and to reflect on just what it is that actually happened this special Summer of 2018. A few things […]

Workshops Now Ready for Our Back to School Party this August 25th

Including: Tenants’ Rights with the L.A. Tenants Union Literature and Literacy with Salvadoran-American Author Randy Jurado Ertll Book Publishing with Ponte las Pilas Press’s Viva Padilla How to Start your own Company Buy Back the Block on Branding & Apparel Making Oral Histories/This Side of Hoover Youth Summer Program Development Women’s Self Defense with Peace […]