In It to Win Los Angeles

I pedal my way down Wilshire Boulevard on my bicycle and think of the day that the Olympics return to Los Angeles. In 2028, I will be 37 going on 38 years of age. Then I find my bus stop, wait for the one that goes up Vermont, and once it arrives board my bicycle […]

It’s Been Ten Years of Writing in Los Angeles

It was ten years ago that I found myself at home in the living room wondering desperately about what the future held for me. I was seventeen years old, just graduated from high school, and anxious to get through the summer ahead of me. I felt terribly alone, disassociated from the friends that I’d known, […]

Ahora Mas Cuentos Los Angeles

Today I have the privilege of getting back to The Plus Me Project for a visit to another L.A. school. There should be somewhere between 100 – 120 students that I’ll get to speak with at Alliance Neuwirth Academy this afternoon, and it will be my first time ‘back in action’ since my spectacular time abroad. […]