In our 79th episode, we sit down with Kate Pynoos, a former policy adviser for L.A. City Councilmember Mike Bonin. Kate is now running to represent Council District 13, and tells us how she’s gone from working at the staff level to throwing her own hat into the ring for leadership in the central side of Los Angeles.



For our 77th episode, we sit down for a chat with Kenneth Mejia, the millennial Filipino-American who is trailblazing in his race for the L.A. City Controller’s office. Kenneth and I discuss his upbringing in Los Angeles as the youngest of a single-parent household in the San Fernando Valley, as well as how he came to develop a passion for budgets over a decade, leading to his and his community’s special attention to the L.A. City budget today. We also discuss the actual meaning of “defunding the police” as it relates to public safety, as well as how folks out there interested in supporting his campaign can get involved. A can’t miss-session for voters everywhere in Los Angeles, but especially those in SFV, K-town, and then some.



Who Is Your Neighborhood – Shirt

During purchase, in the “Instructions to Merchant” section, please specify your shirt size. Description: Style-heavy t-shirts with photographic images from This Side of Hoover and Jimbo Times, as well as designs provided by Nathan Ward (In Passing LA). All proceeds support a new savings account for Quien Es Tu Vecindario, the first non-profit organization by JT and friends in East Hollywood. Current number of sizes are as follows: Small – 5 Medium – 7 Large – 8 XL – 6




In our second episode, we update listeners on all things for the 2nd Annual Back to School Party, including progress with our fundraiser, our official flyer for the event, and how to manage the work when doing community events like BTS 2.


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BONUS: Back to School 2018 RECAP

It’s my pleasure to share this special recap vid with my community, both in and beyond Los Angeles. Please check it out as time permits, and tell a friend! We’re going to need as much support as we can get for BTS 2 in East Hollywood, taking place again at El Gran Burrito this upcoming Saturday, August 24th, 2019!


Our “Back 2 School” Party Returns to East Hollywood this summer

Last summer when the First Ever Back to School Party made its way to East Hollywood in Los Angeles, it was following in the steps of an earlier precedent set in the neighborhood by the First Ever Open Mic at Cahuenga Library in Spring 2018.

Each event was designed from scratch, essentially made up of ‘thin air’, and would go on to create reverberations in and around the neighborhood for days. Now, with a 2nd Annual Open Mic Night at Cahuenga Library officially done and documented, and with the official start of summer just over a week away, it’s my pleasure to announce a 2nd Annual Back to School Party (BTS II), once again at El Gran Burrito in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 24, 2019. BTS II will coalesce with several other projects by yours truly, including the East Hollywood Neighborhood Survey, an upcoming Summer Writing Challenge for Students in L.A., and more Los Cuentos Merch, among other goodies.

In other words, it’s an exciting time to prepare for summer heat in The City, where our marks under the sun wait once again to be remade. In celebration and anticipation of the next ‘BTS’ Party, it’s also my pleasure to publish the gallery in this blog, each picture courtesy of Samanta Helou, of This Side of Hoover. Samanta’s pictures are proof of the power that emanates so boldly when communities come together unapologetically seeking something new for themselves. My world changed magnetically in the flicker of time that was the event–just as it would in the time following it–and I know I’m not the only one for whom that’s true.

I look to create the same opportunity and more for The City alongside my team this next Summer 2019. Expect nothing less than the world!