Winter, Los Angeles; 2019
Winter, Los Angeles; 2019
It’s a gift as precious as daylight to be able to greet the readers of JIMBO TIMES at the brink of a new year again. In the days following last Summer’s Back to School event, and the subsequent campaign to save Super Pan, my hands found themselves clinched before the magnitude of a host of other challenges and adventures through The City. Amidst all of the bobbing and weaving required to get to the next round with these latest travails, J.T. needed to be placed on hold, but at no point did the pages actually leave my sight.
In fact, The L.A. Storyteller has only become better organized. For example, readers can now visit the Poetry page for odes to The City in verse from yours truly. Or, they can visit the Events page for a list of many of the gatherings featuring JIMBO TIMES over the course of the last few years. There is more to be done in order to bridge all of the material on the site into one synchronized organ, but what I’ve learned through my time administrating for the website is that it’s a constant updating process.

I’ve also found that writing is a challenging, time-staking sequence of events, requiring sums of energy in order to do well, as it is with many art-forms out there similar to writing or storytelling, which all take time and a certain maturing process to make for their greatest effects. It’s mind-boggling to think of just how much of the world is actually made up in this way, that is, with so much effort from the ground up, day by day, and one footstep after the other.

I read once that your heart is a muscle the size of a fist. In this manner, to clench my hands into extensions of that muscle before the gravity of a new world falling into place before my feet is to brace myself for the extension of life itself, and to fight to keep what small body I have before its long shadow.

To join in this tension is to join in the timeless fight for life that I sprung from one day; one through The City but also beyond it, within all of the places I’ve been to as well as the ones I’ve yet to see. A world of peers, predecessors, and successors alike, all of whom make it Los Angeles, who make it Los Cuentos, and who make it ours together after all.

So let’s keep the momentum. And let’s keep it magnanimous,


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