Poem in Hand, I Would Like to Welcome You With the Following

I experienced the sneers of discrimination at my schools before I experienced the sonnets of poetry within them. But the first time I was discriminated against based on the color of my skin, the language I spoke at home, or some other characterization of me, I didn’t quite know the definition of the word: discrimination. […]

In a Box, Hidden from My View, Lies a Record

People, slain, History books, vanished Pictures, stolen Mi abuelito’s pictures. Flowers, fettered Names, redacted Bullet with my name on it. Warrant for my citizenship, overdue. Every day, sirens Us, bleeding, Suffocating, silenced. Never, White. Us, “want rest,” Trump, “Law and Order.” Sun, sets, We pray. Borders, bellies Jailing, rapists. America, bloodthirsty, Me, ashamed. Mothers, baby […]