It’s always inspiring to see other young artists coming up in the game! Last night I had the pleasure of watching Bad Rap Films through the courtesy of the Asian Pacific Film Festival in Koreatown, Los Angeles, and what an amazing show!

In the words of Loren Hammonds:

“Salima Koroma’s Bad Rap takes us inside the lives of one such group of so-called outsiders—Asian-American rappers. The film follows the lives and careers of four artists trying to break into a world that often treats them with disdain or indifference. From the tongue-in-cheek lyrics of Awkwafina to the no-nonsense battle rap of legendary West Coast MC Dumbfoundead, Koroma’s documentary checks all of the boxes, looking at the role of Asian Americans in the entertainment industry with a keen observational eye.”

And on the same page as HammondsJIMBO TIMES gives the highest recommendation to movie-goers for Bad Rap!

Salima Koroma and the crew spent four years putting the film together, and their time and dedication is evident; from one shot to the next, and through each soundbite, the film both captivated and educated me from the start, and had me rooting for its (s)heroes in true hip hop fashion all the way to the end!

With Love from Los Angeles,


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