25 Pictures From Nipsey Hussle’s Candlelight Vigil in Los Angeles

From HISTORIC Black Los Angeles. J.T.

Oh My: Bad Rap!

It’s always inspiring to see other young artists coming up in the game! Last night I had the pleasure of watching Bad Rap Films through the courtesy of the Asian Pacific Film Festival in Koreatown, Los Angeles, and what an amazing show! In the words of Loren Hammonds: “Salima Koroma’s Bad Rap takes us inside the lives of one such group of […]


With only a few days away from J.T.’s one year anniversary, it’s a pleasure to introduce the new About page for the up and coming year! I hope readers enjoy it, and I look forward to sharing more with you all soon. With heart, honor, and respect, Jimmy “Jimbo” Recinos

City of Quartz: Ajah!

The days since my last update have been adventurous, taking me from one polarity of rhythm to the next, with a weekend that featured two incredibly fast and filled up days of work for yours truly, and a Monday that saw the short editorial “To My People” published on Abernathy Magazine! Finally, this Tuesday allows me some solid time to […]