Deed Restrictions in Los Angeles

T-RACES, or the Testbed for the Redlining Archives of California’s Exclusionary Spaces, is a powerful map and treasure cove of historical documents showing how cities like Los Angeles were developed over the course of the 20th century, particularly during the years just before World War II. The archives contain ‘area descriptions’ of L.A. neighborhoods as […]

Redlining in Los Angeles

“The exclusionary housing market confined minorities to neighborhoods such as Watts. The resulting residential segregation enabled the government to practice another form of institutionalized racism, the redlining of home mortgages insurance. The Home Owners Loan Corporation designated minority neighborhoods (those shaded in black and gray in the map in this section) as being unfit for […]

South Los Angeles since The Sixties

“More than a half century since the Kerner Commission, the history of South Los Angeles continues to be laden with broken promises and only modest improvements. Despite the huge efforts of residents, activists and others, the burden of under-investment and neglect continue to limit economic opportunity for too many Angelenos. This prescient report serves as […]