Dear Friends, Family, and Other Members of this Community,

Today it is my distinct pleasure to inform you that together:


After fifteen days, we officially reached our fundraising goal this morning to make the impossible, just possible! Now, a new camera awaits the pages of JIMBO TIMES!

And I hope you’ll stay tuned, because our journey together has only just begun! After all, as I mentioned at the outset, JT simply couldn’t tell ‘L.A. stories’ if it had no community with which to share them!

This is OUR investment, then, because the new chapters that await us ahead could not have been reached without our first coming together for this preface.

I view it as OUR base for JT, and as a bookmark by which to remember that when people reach out to one another, they find not only that they’re not alone in this world, but that they are respected, appreciated, and ultimately loved by others who can recognize a fellow human being in need.

Thank you so much once more, and please know that all of you have a friend in both me and my mother as we continue forward alongside each and every one of you!

Together we wish you an amazing new year in peace, health, and magnificent success. Thank you yet again, and have a beautiful day!

From another gorgeous day in ever sunny L.A.,

Jimmy “JIMBO” Recinos & Mama


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