There’s not much to be said here, except that El Gran Burrito is arguably East Hollywood’s greatest Mexican restaurant, and at over twenty years at Vermont and Santa Monica, one of the neighborhood’s longest lasting franchises, ever. The reason? Your favorite bean and cheese burritos go for $5, while scrumptious tacos sell for $1.25; all made fast, easy, and flawlessly.

From there, El Gran offers all the popular Mexican classics from enchiladas for the sauce buffs to nachos for the cheese lovers.

And hell, since it’s East Hollywood, they’ve even got pupusas for Los Salvadoreños, claw-canes for the kids, and arcade games for everyone!

Although, it should be noted that after the Metal Slug machine broke down, they never brought it back (which I think merits a moment of silence from those of us who can still remember tugging at our mom’s faldas to let us have some quarters for it, back in the day).

Anyway, they’re open 24/7, and just the best to check out on a quick break from work, while you wait for the bus, or after the evening class at LACC.

If you’re nearby, don’t even think twice about it:

Get in line, select your splendor, and smile! You’ll have made the right choice.



  1. Oooooo Jimbo! You are a man after my own Mexican loving heart! Just got back from Austin visiting my son and his wife – it was a nonstop fiesta, no kidding… not happy with having gained half a stone (7 pounds), but WHAT A WAY TO GO! Wonderful pictures, by the way. Very nice. I believe you have captured the ambience very well indeed! Mother Hen

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