On Nights like This

It’s the little things that change everything. Good night Los Angeles, J.T.

Feliz Cumpleaños, Tommy’s!

It was a dazzlingly beautiful day at the Rampart and Beverly intersection today, as the neighborhood celebrated the seventieth birthday of Tommy’s World Famous Burgers. Not wont to miss an opportunity to honor the crowd, the folks at Tommy’s brought out the Mariachi band, which of course brought out los danzantes! L.A. looked magnificent, and I was so freakin’ […]

Keepin’ It

On getting back from Miami I made a commitment to myself to write every day, and as Wednesday night whittles down, I’m keeping that commitment (at least as far as the West Coast is concerned)! It was a long day through The City this Wednesday, which for me was dominated by the screens of my laptop […]

At Last

And it’s one of those nights where the journey is long and your stomach is just begging and pleading for some action, when from out of nowhere your bus driver announces it’s time for a meal break. You step off the bus and see the gas station, and it’s the greatest landmark you’ve ever laid […]