Preserving Los Angeles Is Critical to Our History

This past June all L.A. Times staff and personnel moved from the historic L.A. Times building in downtown Los Angeles to a new headquarters in El Segundo after the Times’s lease expired with the building’s owners at the end of the month. The building was sold by Tribune Media, the former owners of the L.A. […]

California Primary Elections: June 2018 Recap

According to the Washington Post, just over 6.9 million people in California cast a vote for the state’s June 2018 Primaries–the largest recorded in the state’s history for a primary election–out of a total of over 19 million registered voters, to make for a 36% ‘return’ rate. However, when considering the total number of all […]

Matriarca, por Ceaser C. Tepekuyut

“La reducción de espacios para las tradiciones de mujeres y niños Indígenas y sus descendientes mestizos que han levantado esta tierra, así como nuestros ancestros también lo han hecho por milenios atreves de todo el continente americano, es una profanación. Sacar a la gente Indígena de sus hogares, y sus negocios y sustentos, es sacar […]

Matriarch, by Ceaser C. Tepekuyut

  “The reduction of space for the traditions of the indigenous women and children–and those of their mestizo descendants–whose footsteps have grazed and raised the land here for generations, as those of our ancestors have done throughout the American continent for millennia, is a desecration. To push them away from their home(s), and their businesses […]