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Happy 2023, Los Angeles! If you’re listening from Spotify or Apple Podcasts, you’ll notice a new look to the show. This is courtesy of Aspen Leavitt, whose illustration for yours truly captures the spirit of Los Cuentos like few others could. See more of Aspen’s work via Instagram at @artbyazpen.

Secondly, save the date for our next IG Live session taking place next Tuesday, January 17th and featuring Eva Recinos, a writer on arts and culture in L.A. who’s going to take us through some of her latest, must-read stories.

And if you’ve been anywhere in California lately, you know it’s been fiercely cold; so pick up some Los Cuentos pink and yellow beanies to keep you and your counterparts warm over the next few months; this way you’ll not only support the show, but you’ll do so in style. Place your order via and thank you in advance, it means the world.

This tidbit also reflects for a moment on recent developments in Los Angeles, where Karen Bass was just elected to the mayor’s office. Bass recently declared a state of emergency for the city’s roughly 50,000 people without shelter, and her administration’s Inside Safe initiative has been slowly but steadily offering hotel rooms in exchange for removal of tents along the street; we’ve not yet seen the numbers for tracking this system but will make them available if and when we can access them.

We also note not one but three new progressive L.A. City Council Members, including Eunisses Hernandez, Hugo Soto-Martinez, and Katy Young-Yaroslavsky. A shout out also goes to Lindsey P. Horvath, who just became the new representative for the 3rd District, of which West Hollywood, Hollywood and East Hollywood are a part of. For more of these updates and then some, please follow the show on Apple or Spotify, then rate and review us!

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