In our 93rd installment we connect with Gina Viola (@GinaForLA), the grassroots and people-powered candidate for the mayor’s office of Los Angeles in the 2022 primary. We discuss Viola’s recent calls to participate in the CSULA debate between mayoral candidates taking place this Sunday, May 1st, as well as the “weak mayoral system” in Los Angeles that’s actually not so weak after all. We also consider the legacy of the Rodney King verdict in Los Angeles 30 years later, a recent California budget surplus of $68 billion that could support services for the unhoused immediately, and what Gina would do as mayor if Governor Newsom’s “care courts” for the unhoused were to be made into state law.



For our 91st episode, Dr. Rocio Rivas (@RocioRivas1111) and I have an extensive discussion on public schools in Los Angeles, including the ongoing challenges posed by charter schools and the private “philanthropists” behind many of them. Originally migrated from Mexico to the K-town area at two years old, Rivas graduated from Reseda high school as the beneficiary of a busing program there and earned her B.A. in Political Science and Development Studies from UC Berkeley in 1996. In 2008, she also earned her PhD in Comparative and International Education from Columbia University. Rivas’ campaign for District 2 is endorsed by the United Teachers of Los Angeles; to learn more about her, you can visit her website. You can also volunteer for her campaign via this UTLA portal. Mail-in ballots for L.A. voters arrive as early as May 9th, 2022, and Election Day is June 7th, 2022.


L.A. Mayors Ball: 1913 – 2022

How time flies. Below, from left to right, are 15 L.A. mayors over a 100 years and then some.

Henry Rose, 1913 – 1915; Charles Sebastian, 1915 – 1916; Frederick Woodman, 1916 – 1919; Meredith Snyder, 1919 – 1921; George Cryer, 1921 – 1929; John Porter, 1929 – 1933; Frank Shaw, 1933 – 1938; Fletcher Bowron, 1938 – 1953; Norris Poulson, 1953 – 1961; Sam Yorty, 1961 – 1973; Thomas Bradley, 1973 – 1993; Richard Riordan, 1993 – 2001; James Hahn, 2001 – 2005; Antonio Villaraigosa, 2005 – 2013; Eric Garcetti, 2013 – 2022; Gina Viola, 2022 – 2030, perhaps?

And from our latest at Making A Neighborhood: “There’s also no telling just what the city’s first non-male mayor in its nearly 241 years in existence could achieve for voters with a term or two onto 2030, and all the more so given L.A. city hall’s historically inequitable—and often compromised—structure in any case. But given Viola’s strong position on divestment from incarceration for L.A.’s most vulnerable communities—especially Black Lives—a policy that’s also gained increasing momentum at the voting booths over the last decade, it sure is something different for the city and its neighborhoods in generations; in fact, with the data and ground-game in mind, it’s an unprecedented opportunity.”

Mail-in ballots arrive this May 9th, 2022. And Election Day is June 7th, 2022.