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Did you know that JIMBO TIMES turned eight this summer

Very quietly, though. And humbly.

Very Los Angeles.

And, yes, we know The City just turned 241 years old. We know our place!


4 thoughts on “Did you know that JIMBO TIMES turned eight this summer

  1. Congratulations, Jimmy! Eight years ago, you had a dream, a vision of what a blog such as yours could contribute to our larger community. You listened to that seed of an idea urging you onward, and now here you are. Thankfully for LA and its environs and way beyond, here you are: a brilliant poet, journalist in the best sense of the word (I have a journalism degree, so I know a bit about it), activist, advocate, mentor, conscience, etc. Don’t be so quiet about this birthday, this wonderful achievement. Shout it from some rooftops, write an essay about this journey, share some of your highlights in getting here. Your success can inspire so many others. You deserve recognition for this milestone. Grab some of it. Please stay active and continue being a selfless person who gives. Stay in touch when you can please. Adelante and take care!

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