Pandemic in Los Angeles: Day 47

This upcoming Sunday will mark Mother’s Day 2020. I’m taking mom out for some chile relleno, even if it still has to be takeout. Earlier today, I was stopped in my tracks when I heard LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner recognizing his own mother as the catalyst for his life in education during his weekly address for parents and families in L.A.:

The most important teacher in my life was my mom. She helped thousands of public school kids learn to read, including me. The love of reading she taught me led to a love of learning, which is with me today, as I try to better understand the world around me. Thank you, Mom.”

Austin Beutner

Let’s leave it simply at that for today, Los Angeles.


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5 Tips for When 4th of July Sucks

So it’s supposed to be the big day. The day that everybody goes outside and watches fireworks blazing across The City. It’s also supposed to be the day of the barbecue. From what you’ve seen and heard, the way it’s supposed to be is that your family is supposed to get together, and you’re all supposed to have lots of food over the grill and charcoal, some water balloons, maybe even a water gun or two, and the loudest, most rambunctious fireworks in the world.

But what if you don’t have any of that? Or what if you’re actually totally ‘over’ the 4th of July before the first grill is even lit?

When I was a Young in Los Angeles, 4th of July was more often than not a day when it seemed like everyone except my family and I could enjoy the time. There was never much money for fireworks, and ever since my brother and I were toddlers, mom had completely banned any water guns for us to play with. This left just water balloons, but then, there were only so many kids who still wanted to chuck water balloons at each other as teens; everyone was more interested in the crackle and spark of fireworks. This left my brother and I to mostly just watch as other kids got to light up their explosions.

But now, maybe because you’re luckier, I’ve got 5 tips for you to get through the 4th of July when it’s dragging that my bro and I would have appreciated when we were in your shoes!

1. Go outside because it’s fresher. Even if it’s just to go to the store to get some milk and cookies, that still counts as getting ‘outta the house. You’ll notice the slower pace of the city during a holiday like the 4th. In L.A., most of the roads tend to quiet down some, which relaxes the vibe of the whole place. And if you and your folks can hop on a bus or rail line to get out somewhere farther like the Santa Monica Pier or Elysian Park, the city will feel even more fresh for you to sift through. You need this!

2. Make your own cheeseburger. I’ve got a secret for you: with just a little over five dollars, you can purchase a pound of ground beef and a bag of burger buns. Throw some salt and seasoning on the beef, grill it easy on the oil, warm the buns, then add onions, lettuce, and a slice of tomato, avocado or whatever other ingredients your creativity calls for. Your burgers won’t taste like the kind you’re used to getting, but they’ll be better because they’ll be made by your own doing. Your own personal barbecue!

3. Take a nap. If you’re able to, try to take a short nap, preferably during daylight since the evening will be locked in explosive sounds at least until midnight. A nap also works well with Item 2 on our list, since both the beach and the park can serve as key locations to catch a few Zzzzs. You need this!

4. Start your podcast for the Jimbo Times Hoodie Challenge. Err, I mean, can you blame me for trying to motivate you into some action? Now’s as good a time as ever! At least to get started on the outline, for crying out loud! You realize you’re going to need a new hoodie after summer, right?!

5. Tell mom or dad you love them, then run like they’re zombies. Continue running. What I mean is, you need to take a jog! Why doesn’t anyone believe me on this? A light jog is good for your mind and body! It helps expel the pressure points, or the places where your body accumulates stress!

Now, is this a bulletproof list of stuff to help you get through the day? Nope. It’s just a start. Most importantly, what you have to know is this: if the day ends up dragging for you no matter what, you’re not alone. It happens. And quite a lot at that as you come to terms with reality. But in this case, you might as well give at least one of the items here a shot just to see if it helps. At day’s end, it’s still never too late to make the day count in your own way, and of course you can do it. Jimbo Times believes in you!


Whoah, Wow

On this day three years ago a little birdie named JIMBO TIMES was spawned into the universe.

Now, I’d say some kind of a celebration is in order. Wouldn’t you?

Stay tuned Los Angeles, </;)


When you Fall

alongside the stars…

We can only be reborn again.

So rest and rejuvenate well Los Angeles. You’re gonna need it.


With So Much Laav


It’s Sunday. It’s raining. And it’s just a day before Halloween.

It’s a super special day in L.A.

And I hope you enjoy it as much as possible!



With great pleasure and gratitude, I’m more than happy to submit a second gallery for a second year of JIMBO TIMES! </:D


What a Time


It’s a gorgeous morning in The City, and today feels like an especially good day to hang back and enjoy the breadth of the sky. It’s summertime, and we’re halfway through a year that’s felt much bigger than twelve months (in J.T. Time, that is). 

This next August, JIMBO TIMES will enter its third year of production. It sounds wild, but it’s true! With each day that passes, the site gets bigger and better, and with everything that’s happened over the past two years, even the sky isn’t the limit during our next run under the sun!

Around this time last summer, I was getting ready to take a trip to Miami, and today I’m gearing up for another trip…this time to the city of Chicago in August!

I’d always wanted to spend some time in The Windy City, but had always found a way to postpone it, until the other day when a friend of mine just pushed me to finally book the damn thing, and I did!

Now, the L.A. Storyteller will know Chicago, and the people of J.T. are in for the ride, which I think is just the best celebration for our two-year anniversary.

The time before the trip, then, is a matter of organizing an amazing adventure there. I hope as many fans can support me in this, if not through direct ‘cheering on’, then through an organizing of their own trips out to somewhere new!

Each day the world surprises us somehow, so it’s only right for us to surprise the world right back.

And so, what are we waiting for then?! As we get another day today, let’s make it count, L.A!