5 Tips for When 4th of July Sucks

So it’s supposed to be the big day. The day that everybody goes outside and watches fireworks blazing across The City. It’s also supposed to be the day of the barbecue. From what you’ve seen and heard, the way it’s supposed to be is that your family is supposed to get together, and you’re all […]


This past October was quite the month for The City. Yet it’s only about to get more fierce. Stay tuned L.A., J.T.

It’s that time again: Halloween in L.A.

  IT’S time to make it count again Los Angeles, J.T.

Whoah, Wow

On this day three years ago a little birdie named JIMBO TIMES was spawned into the universe. Now, I’d say some kind of a celebration is in order. Wouldn’t you? Stay tuned Los Angeles, </;) J.T.