Osaka, Hokkaido, Kansai

It’s been over a full year since JIMBO TIMES reached Japan for the first time last summer.

I’ve had ‘Nippon’s’ pueblos in mind ever since, and even more so lately due to the anniversary at hand. But now, I’ve also learned of a recent series of typhoons and earthquakes that have struck the island-nation.

My thoughts are thus at this moment especially with each of the friends I was able to meet in The Land of the Rising Sun; humble, honest people who I know are concerned about what follows in the aftermath of these earth-rattling events.

All across the world there is a challenge to human life and survival, and each human being a part in rising to such challenges. Keeping in mind the great humanitarian spirit that I encountered with the Japanese people, however, I believe their pueblos will overcome this critical period as they overcome each day: with honor, unity, and resolve, and the tremendous strength borne from the synchrony between these things.

And from what I was also able to gather during my time there, I believe it’s fair to say that life in Nippon moves as it does everywhere else, that is, one day at a time. From Los Angeles, then, with Japan’s pueblos today and each day following,



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