Why Visit Japan, Part II

Nishiarai prefecture in Tokyo, Japan; Summer 2017 The year was 1998, and I was about seven or eight years old. I remember that it was some time just after school when my brother and I had gotten back home from Lockwood Elementary. We’d sat down in the living room for what was supposed to be […]

Why Visit Japan, Part I

One of the first questions I get when I tell people about visiting Japan is: why there? I’d like to answer this question with a short series for readers on how Japanese culture came into my life at an early age as a young person growing up in Los Angeles.It started with Nintendo’s Gameboy. Not […]

Osaka, Hokkaido, Kansai

It’s been over a full year since JIMBO TIMES reached Japan for the first time last summer. I’ve had ‘Nippon’s’ pueblos in mind ever since, and even more so lately due to the anniversary at hand. But now, I’ve also learned of a recent series of typhoons and earthquakes that have struck the island-nation. My […]

Never Alone: A Bird’s Flight Through Japan

Thank you Hiroko, Sachiko, Marie, Hitomi, Takeshi, Hayasi, Mei, Keiko and the family, and the rest of the gang throughout this incredible time together. Thank you to every attendant who helped me find my way, and thank you to The People of Japan, whose kindness made me feel welcome at each turn. There are far […]