Say Hey There

Hello again Los Angeles,

It’s a great pleasure to kick off the workweek with some the latest from the Times.

Marcos Nuñez is a staple at the IOW program, attending weekly writing circles, supporting his peers there, and joining the crew for an adventure as a full rider when the occasion calls for it! More importantly, Marcos is a great storyteller. I had the chance to work as his editor on a piece between IOW and Youth Today, and while it was a lengthy back and forth writing process, it was worth every second.

Marco’s piece was published just a few days ago for the month of September on the Youth Today website. Like many, his is a story of resilience, as well as a hopeful promise of what is still possible no matter the hardship. I’m proud to share it with the people of J.T!

And to be sure, some of you may recognize the Youth Today website from a little while ago. Rest assured, you haven’t seen the last of us all yet. There will be even more between IOW and Youth Today before you know it, so definitely check back soon!


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