On the road; on the way to Phoenix, Arizona!

And we just left Blythe, California, where I devoured a massive chicken quesadilla for $6.

At first, I didn’t think I’d be able to finish the little monster, as I’d just downed three of mom’s trusty sandwiches, but getting and gobbling the massive quesadilla was about making a statement; it was a declaration to the road that I’m ready for whatever it has to offer me, as I won’t fail to finish anything it needs of me to get me on my way.

Plus, I wanted to silence my stomach for the night once and for all. As I took the last bite of the saucy chicken wrap under the scorching sunlight in Blythe, I knew I’d done just that.

Now, I’m in the homestretch of the first step into the trip, as I leave our beloved California for the deserts of Arizona.

And here, a curious idea comes to mind. It’s 6:00 pm, and back in L.A., the InsideOUT Writers circle is in full swing. I can see it now, with people splotched all over the main room, filling the air with laughter and conversation, while others sit silently waiting patiently for the noise to die down. And I can see facilitators for the evening also playing it cool, waiting for their cue, while inside they’re just as eager as the next person to create an amazing discussion out of all the thoughts racing through their minds.

As the chatter continues, I can see the conversations looking too animated for anyone to slow down. But they won’t need to be slowed down. In a moment, the staff will just completely cut the convos off, announcing it’s time to roll.

From there, those standing will bolt to their seats, each of them playing a small but equal part in the formation of another massive writing circle for the evening.

Once they settle in, they’ll look around for a moment or two, before they find themselves captivated by the sight in front of them, as the facilitators introduce themselves, kicking off another magical evening together.

It’ll be a great evening of expression, community, and the profound effects thereof.

And yet, as fantastic as it’s going to be, I won’t miss it at all this evening.

I thought I would. I suspected that it’d be bad! But instead, it’s more than okay that I’m missing out tonight.

I’m on the road this evening, and the road is absolutely beautiful. It’s a gift from the Gods filled with marvels at every other second I glance out the window, each sight and sound reminding me that I’m right where I belong.

And here, it dawns on me that being on the road and being in the middle of a writing circle are actually not two mutually exclusive things. Although it might seem that way, I’m right beside my people in ‘East Hollywood’, and they’re all right beside me. I see that we’re beside one another no matter how much the illusions of the road would have me believe otherwise.

Together, all of us inhaling and exhaling, resisting and surrendering, and finally finding ourselves in everything outside of us.

Finding ourselves inside and out, through the neighborhood, and beyond.

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