Racial Propositions: Ballot Initiatives and the Making of Postwar California (2010)

The first time we analyzed an election in California was in 2017, when we reviewed data from a Special Election in Los Angeles. Data for that election showed a yawning gap between the voting rates for white and non-white voters; at the close of the special election, in a city where less than 50% of […]

Voting in Los Angeles: Municipal and Special Elections 2017

Less than 18% of registered voters in L.A. County cast ballots for the Municipal and Special Elections of Tuesday, March 07, 2017. But in the election postmortem, when L.A. County’s Voting Registrar and KPCC discuss the paltry turnout of voting in The City, the key point is how they talk about it: they neglect to […]

Los Angeles: Coming to Terms

Reading and learning about Los Angeles has been a privilege, but I heard once that the more you know, the more you owe. In the third chapter of City of Quartz, Davis introduces readers to a more ‘modern’ kind of power-player in The City’s shape and politics: the Homeowner’s Associations. “The first Homeowner’s Associations in Los Angeles, beginning with […]


JIMBO TIMES will be back with more L.A. stories soon, but for now, there’s another important event to make note of, this time in Philadelphia. According to International Business Times, the schedule for this year’s Democratic National Convention is as follows: “Monday Speakers include First Lady Michelle Obama, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Astrid Silva, a “DREAMer” set […]