Printed Photography Now Ready for Our Back to School Party this August 25th

  Believe it. J.T.

Randomness in L.A with Lucky Baba

It’s the fourth of July, yet my mind is far away from a holiday. I was out in the city earlier today when a stranger came up to me and said something I’ve heard for the umpteenth time in my life…that I “think too much”. But a moment later, the same stranger told me that […]

CicLAvia Met South Central Today

And it was oh so beautiful. </:) South Los Angeles, California

Dear Duarte,

Thank you for being here. Thank you for showing up. If your education now is anything like mine was back in the day, then it’s tough to go to school and do the work sometimes. The toughest thing in the world, even. And truthfully, ‘tough’ only begins to describe it. Some days –when I was […]