Ver, oír y callar (2015)


Aunque solo tiene 128 páginas, Ver, oír y callar es un libro demasiado importante para reflejar en la guerra a muerte entre jóvenes y adolescentes en El Salvador durante las ultimas tres decadas. Juan José Martínez es un escritor de altas calificaciones, y sus historias dejan a uno marcado con la urgencia de la situación.

Sin embargo, hay más detalles que el autor necesita contar, especialmente sobre las mujeres del país, incluso a las voces de madres, esposas y otras mujeres que siguen siendo parte de esta historia. Pero todo con tiempo. Mientras tanto, el libro es un buen lugar para iniciar un diálogo tan necesario sobre como cambiar el curso del país centroamericano para los jóvenes y adolescentes ahí que merecen mejor.




…Tonight I have the distinct pleasure of leading a writing workshop with the magnificent InsideOUT Writers program!

THE TOPIC: Independent Journalism, From Mumia Abu-Jamal to JIMBO TIMES.


Everyone is invited, and as with every gathering at I.O.W., light refreshments will be served, but more importantly: THE VOICES OF THE PEOPLE will be heard!

And for those who will be there in spirit, as well as those who have supported The L.A. Storyteller since day one, THANK YOU!!! THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!!!

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The One, the Only: “Super” Stephanie Guzman

What more can we say? At long last, it’s time to feature one of the premier admirers of JIMBO TIMES!

Stephanie Guzman; Pasadena City College, 2009

I first met Steph during a snowball fight in 2010 at a Leadership Retreat organized by the Cross Cultural Center of Pasadena City College. Over lunch and activities at the retreat we were happy to be friends, but when the hugs and high-fives came to an end, she and I both were on an all-out assault against each other on the snowfield.

Looking back at it now, it was a natural match: while neither of us had known the other person longer than two days, it didn’t matter; we took well to each other as rivals from the start and have enjoyed one-upping one another ever since.

After all, we’re both avid news junkies, long-time WWE fans, and rabid hip-hop aficionados. In other words, we both know a thing or two about braggadocio.

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