Ver, oír y callar (2015)

Aunque solo tiene 128 páginas, Ver, oír y callar es un libro demasiado importante para reflejar en la guerra a muerte entre jóvenes y adolescentes en El Salvador durante las ultimas tres decadas. Juan José Martínez es un escritor de altas calificaciones, y sus historias dejan a uno marcado con la urgencia de la situación. […]


…Tonight I have the distinct pleasure of leading a writing workshop with the magnificent InsideOUT Writers program! THE TOPIC: Independent Journalism, From Mumia Abu-Jamal to JIMBO TIMES. THE TIME: STARTS TONIGHT AT 6:30 PM @ 1212 NORTH VERMONT AVE, L.A! Everyone is invited, and as with every gathering at I.O.W., light refreshments will be served, but […]

The One, the Only: “Super” Stephanie Guzman

What more can we say? At long last, it’s time to feature one of the premier admirers of JIMBO TIMES! I first met Steph during a snowball fight in 2010 at a Leadership Retreat organized by the Cross Cultural Center of Pasadena City College. Over lunch and activities at the retreat we were happy to be friends, […]