I am a writer, photographer and community organizer in Los Angeles. My writing focuses primarily on social welfare in the city, including education at L.A.’s public middle and high schools, public transportation planning and efficacy, housing and small business policy, voting turnout for local elections and propositions, and more.

My photography is also community-minded, focusing mostly on what makes Los Angeles home to so many working-class people from all across the U.S.A. and throughout the world.

My organizing seeks to bring my writing and photographic work together. Over the last year in particular, I’ve committed to putting together a rubric and team for community arts programming in my ‘old’ neighborhood. In fact, just this past August 2018, the team and I put together East Hollywood’s first ever “Back to School” PARTY, which served as a free collective of educational workshops for at least 50 different parents, teenagers, and other members of the community.

Going forward, my goal is to develop further the network of educators, organizers and other visionaries that I’m now increasingly “connecting the dots” with in order to create more for the streets, avenues and boulevards that make L.A. home.