The Los Angeles we know in the 21st century is not just some place that arrived from out of the blue one summer day, but an environment that was built out through specific laws, designations, and customs over the course of decades, particularly during the 20th century.

For example, redlining, or the discriminatory practice of denying services or assistance to people based on their racial or ethnic background, is precisely responsible for the historically Black and under-served population still associated with “South-Central” Los Angeles; in 2018, any Angeleno taking a walk through vecindades like those of Watts can still feel the legacy of The City’s redlining, as well as the anger and frustration towards such flagrant acts of sabotage and abandon against a people and their community.

Similarly, the wealth disproportion between neighborhoods adjacent to one another, such as the Los Feliz and ‘East Hollywood’ communities, is not the result of human error, but the outcome of design by officials in The City. From as far back as the 1930s, planners worked to keep the former free of ‘blight’ and the latter in ‘poor quality’; restrictions that continue to have long-term impacts on the educational prospects of youth between these localities depending on which side of the hill they’re born to.

Yet with JIMBO TIMES, the spirit of Mike Davis’s City of Quartz lives on. That is, in testing and challenging the city’s leadership–and its constituency–to do better. But don’t take the author’s word for it. See for yourself.

Read about How Policing Targets People of Color on L.A.’s Metro, how Segregation Policies Developed by Homeowners Associations bear responsibility for the “homeless” or dispossessed populations of L.A., or how Voting in Los Angeles Represents The City’s Failure to bridge the power gap between wealthy white Seniors and Black or non-white Immigrant communities here. And more.

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