Los Angeles Students, California: Do Not Stop at One March

I see that it was in March 1968 that the students of five high schools across the fourth street bridge in East Los Angeles walked out of their classrooms in order to make their voices heard. They stood in defiance of rules barring them from so much as even uttering a word in Español at their […]

Housing, Climate Change, California

Most Angelenos today can see that we’re at an historic juncture with the city, as housing is at the forefront of social issues facing Los Angeles and the whole state of California. I can appreciate my personal position within the dynamic: I’m 27 years old and still living at home with my mom, where the […]

Meanwhile, back in The City…

It’s supposed to be a super-duper hot one today. Stay fresh and sun-screened Los Angeles, Not to mention hydrated! J.T.

The California Dream

is a beautiful economy. Stop by one of our fruit-stands sometime, and find out all about it. And when you do, don’t forget to tip your servers! They work long and hard hours to serve us under the sun, and are therefore worth every bit of the people’s respect. Wishing the world a gorgeous rest […]