BEE STING (A 7th Grade Student’s Poem on Doubt)

Doubt is like a bee stingPiercing through my fleshInjecting its venom in my mindStruggling, twisting trying to break meLeaving me with thoughts of “I can’t.”I doubt me. My teachers doubt meBut I grab the stinger and pull it outUsing “I can’t” as my number one power source I am proving a pointDoubt means toFeel uncertainDoubt […]

Who Doubts Me (For the Students of Los Angeles)

Who doubts meYou doubt meI doubt meWe doubt meWhy Why do we doubt so muchWhen doubters turned dreamers to destine the worldInto greatness like ours Waving like the rings of the voices you hear nowDriven by visions from eyesLike the ones you see now See us, you say?You see only a fraction of-YOU SEE US?! […]

We Will Not be Erased: How Open Mics in Our Community Uplift Our Cultural History

Our second annual Open Mic was a prolific success, featuring 10 different poets, speakers and other members of the community who spoke in front of up to 25 guests throughout the evening. Our guest list was diverse, with attendants as young as 11 years old and as mature as 60. In my own experience, after […]