Los Angeles County, Mapped as 8 Regions

For your reference, Los Angeles.

Please also note that of California’s 40 million residents, 25% reside within the L.A. County region; and as of the last U.S. Census count, at least 49% of L.A. County residents are Latinx.

Source: Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation


L.A. Mayors Ball: 1913 – 2022

How time flies. Below, from left to right, are 15 L.A. mayors over a 100 years and then some.

Henry Rose, 1913 – 1915; Charles Sebastian, 1915 – 1916; Frederick Woodman, 1916 – 1919; Meredith Snyder, 1919 – 1921; George Cryer, 1921 – 1929; John Porter, 1929 – 1933; Frank Shaw, 1933 – 1938; Fletcher Bowron, 1938 – 1953; Norris Poulson, 1953 – 1961; Sam Yorty, 1961 – 1973; Thomas Bradley, 1973 – 1993; Richard Riordan, 1993 – 2001; James Hahn, 2001 – 2005; Antonio Villaraigosa, 2005 – 2013; Eric Garcetti, 2013 – 2022; Gina Viola, 2022 – 2030, perhaps?

And from our latest at Making A Neighborhood: “There’s also no telling just what the city’s first non-male mayor in its nearly 241 years in existence could achieve for voters with a term or two onto 2030, and all the more so given L.A. city hall’s historically inequitable—and often compromised—structure in any case. But given Viola’s strong position on divestment from incarceration for L.A.’s most vulnerable communities—especially Black Lives—a policy that’s also gained increasing momentum at the voting booths over the last decade, it sure is something different for the city and its neighborhoods in generations; in fact, with the data and ground-game in mind, it’s an unprecedented opportunity.”

Mail-in ballots arrive this May 9th, 2022. And Election Day is June 7th, 2022.


a silhouette of a microphone

Grassroots Candidates for L.A. Voters Chat Live this Saturday, March 26th

“Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles and the People’s Budget LA Coalition has been sounding the alarm about backwards budgeting for years now. We’re bringing together candidates running for offices across the city to discuss critical issues facing Black people and Los Angeles at large.”

For those who cannot attend in person, you can still view the event via livestream on the BLM-LA Facebook page.