Better Late Than Never: Educating One Young Hyena in Los Angeles, Part I

It was 2007, or what was supposed to be my Junior year at John Marshall High. But like most students in the Los Angeles Unified School District that school-year — 48% according to official estimates — I wasn’t set to graduate on time. Most of high school was a whirlwinding hayride for me, and “the […]

The Fight for Los Angeles continues: Meet Diana Mabel Cruz

Four years ago when I first got back to Los Angeles from Davis, there was nothing which spoke to me more about the future than walking through the city, when it became clear that it was in the midst of a great change, and that somehow JIMBO TIMES would also be a part of that […]

Motivating Vibes: Music in L.A. with Jon Quest

“My roots are stronger than they’ve ever been, I think it’s time I branched out.” In the earliest days of JIMBO TIMES, featuring friends throughout Los Angeles who were making a splash out there was a major part of the site’s ‘upbringing.’ As time has passed, the blog has gone on to clinch in its […]

Just Us Against the World, Mama

I will never forget the anguish I put my mother through as a child. So many dreams. Dreams that are memories now that are also pain mixed up with love and a desire to let them be known. I remember the sock-puppet for show and tell, and the dim orange lighting in the kitchen bouncing […]