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To maintain and expand on perspectives for Los Angeles’ working class communities, JIMBO TIMES: The L.A. Storyteller depends on other writers, artists and storytellers making their voices heard. Below are guidelines for the type of work writers everywhere are encouraged to submit to the site:

Living in The City; 300-750 words. These pieces DO NOT need to be based on L.A., so folks from everywhere are encouraged to submit. Here’s one obituary that really captures the “Los Angeles” we’re looking out for: Jeremy Tong: Mayor of Breed Street. Here’s one short story that captures the place called home: Dug Ramon: Hot Wheels.

Book Reviews; 300 – 750 words. Reviews on books centering youth, history and culture are especially welcome! Simply remember this Golden Rule: If it’s a book you can recommend for a young teen reader at your local public library, then it’s one JIMBO TIMES would like to publish a review for. Here’s one example of an author’s self-published book we like: LA SIGUANABA (2019). And here’s one example of city-based books we like: LAtitudes: An Angeleno‘s Atlas.

Community Voices; 300-750 words. BOTH fiction and non-fiction pieces are welcome. If a writer has a story about, say, some wacky field trip to an alternate dimension that can actually teach some earthlings an important lesson, you can bet it’s a good piece to submit to the site. As well, if a writer has a special poem they’d like to share with readers from their side of the world, what we say in the LOS is: you already know. Thelma Reyna’s poem shows just how it’s done: Thelma T. Reyna: Old Habits. So does Julieta Galan’s: Julieta Galan: Memories of Our Reality.

Lessons from the Pandemic; 300 – 750 words. During this COVID-19 season, even in 2021, what better way to capture the experience of all this downtime than by writing about it for Los Angeles, or wherever else you may be based? What might the way our society has responded to the pandemic reveal about us? What lessons can we take? What are some ways communities can still organize or advance their goals despite being quarantined? Here’s one example from teen-writer José Ocampo: José Ocampo: I wanted School to be Over.


Enter the SUBMISSIONS form below. In the subject line, type in the title of your written work. Then, THE ANSWER TO THE ANTI-SPAM QUESTION IS: Los Angeles.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE that the site is currently only able to pay Black, Brown, and LGBTQUIA writers for published work at $50 per article. Writers can also be certain their work will be highlighted on all the site’s social media platforms, as well as via J.T. The L.A. Storyteller Podcast. For any questions or more, please CONTACT us. Thank you!


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