Can I just Say…

Thursday night was another great time in L.A, as at the close of an incredible year, the Inside Out Writers rocked the house with an amazing holiday party! Ever since I first walked into IOW’s office back in 2014, the place and people there have been a pivotal part of J.T.’s growth, so this holiday season it’s […]

California Dreamin’

I was only walking out of the store when I realized how gorgeous the sunlight felt on my skin, and how the wind was just grazing the earth. Standing there alone, it almost felt like a betrayal to experience something so beautiful by myself. I had to share the light with someone, but there was […]

Buenos Dias L.A!

This morning I have the pleasure of sharing some written work published with Youth Today, a print and online newspaper centered on issues facing young people in “the system” today. In particular, the piece touches on some of my personal experience with the juvenile justice system in my teenage years, as well as trends within the system that are as […]