The Work Continues, Los Angeles

Everything is moving so quickly. I feel the world spinning. I see my place in it, and though a part of me just wants to celebrate every bloom now springing all throughout my environment, the rest of myself -the one in movement- is just focused on getting, getting, and getting through to it all. On Friday […]

Meanwhile, back in The City…

It’s supposed to be a super-duper hot one today. Stay fresh and sun-screened Los Angeles, Not to mention hydrated! J.T.


After a few weeks of incredible movement, I took a great pause for myself to rest and reflect today. It’s been a marvelous time, filled as much by old faces as familiar ones, all of which have signaled towards a great future for us in the days and years ahead. But it’s been a tumultuous path to […]

Dear Los Angeles,

It’s actually been quite some time since I wrote a ‘letter’ to The City. But at last, I’m back with so much excitement for what I see ahead. But before what’s ahead, I want to take a moment with The People of J.T. to think about what’s been. As I said to a friend the other day, somehow things […]