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The 20 Longest Streets in Los Angeles (by miles) 🤞🏾

If you’re in L.A. this summer with some time on your hands and in search of a good walk, heed the following about the city proper, per these L.A. Times Archives:

20. Hoover Street: 14.1
19. Olympic Boulevard: 14.8
18. Normandie Avenue: ***14.8
17. Saticoy Street: 14.9
16. Oxnard Street: 15.0
15. Burbank Boulevard: 15.1
14. San Fernando Road: **15.1
13. Laurel Canyon Boulevard: 15.3
12. Sherman Way: 15.9
11. Ventura Boulevard: 16.1
10. Foothill Boulevard: 16.4
9. Roscoe Boulevard: *16.4
8. Vanowen Street: 17.0
7. Victory Boulevard: 17.9
6. Vermont Avenue: 19.8
5. Western Avenue: 20.0
4. Sunset Boulevard: 20.2
3. Figueroa Street: 22.2
2. Mulholland Drive: 23.8
1. Sepulveda Boulevard: 25.4
* 355 feet longer than Foothill Boulevard
** 300 feet longer than Burbank Boulevard
*** 385 feet longer than Olympic Boulevard


Pandemic in Los Angeles: Day 33

When my spirit is scattered and restless, as it was this evening, I take a walk through Los Angeles, trusting in the endless road’s ability to host my insatiability.

At moments, it feels like my spirit can devour the entire road. At others, like it needs to simply lay eyes on its slopes and curves, acknowledging their lonesome ranges. There are also moments during my walking when I feel like the paths I take are that of an outlier, well past the standard deviations of distances usually traveled when moving about the city on just two feet.

Then there are moments when none of it matters because I am alive and ready to take on all challenges presented by the terrain. At still other moments it’s the opposite; I need to be sensitive to every noise, brush of wind and slight of concrete facing my direction.

Finally, there arrives a moment during every one of my walks when I’m called back to work by that other movement emanating from the same spirit from which the walking journey began.

Especially as the days begin to warm, I recommend every reader to take advantage of the road in their midst in whatever fashion works best for them. If you need a cap to guard against the roar of the sunlight, or simply to show the solidarity which eludes so many of us workers during the “regular” seasons, Los Cuentos got you covered.


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