Another day, maybe

but where there’s a will, you know the way Los Angeles.



With a Deep Breath…

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…For another tragic death in The City. And for another candlelight vigil held to light the path.

With Love for Ma’liaya, and more soon,


For the Gone but not Forgotten

Earlier this evening a vigil and march was held in Little Tokyo, serving both as a memorial for the lives lost in San Bernardino last week and as a stand against the wave of anti-Islamic sentiments sweeping across the country.

Leaders across the faiths at the ceremony likened the hatred recently seen across so many news headlines to the same prejudice that once placed Japanese-American citizens inside of internment caps. In response, they said, coming together is the only solution: the one that will overcome.

There will be more from J.T. on this soon, but for now, it’s an honor to share the bravery that stood up in Los Angeles through this event.