Y Ahora Los Angeles,


Es time for a new pueblo.



Tambien Aquí es Los Angeles

Y como no, si de aqui vienen varios de los Salvadoreños en L.A. Valla’ pue’.


Saludos Los Angeles,

Desde otra lugar que nuestro pueblo llama home.

My eyes have seen–that is, they have glimpsed at–another world from which a people hail. Today I rode El Salvador’s shuttles through Soyapango, on past San Salvador, and even onto the Metrocentro to have a drink at Bulevar de los Heroes’s Pueblo Viejo. I heard the corridos playing through these bus-lines, the sound of the operator’s calls inviting passengers onto the ride, and just as importantly, the urgency with which vendors make their way through these microbuses offering their small goods–everything from medicine pills to chocolate and other sweets for the little ones–to each rider in their periphery.

I purchased a small chocolate from the last of the vendors, which is still placed right by my bedside for just the right moment, and it was another major step in the development of these JIMBO TIMES, which I’m thankful to be able to share with this constituency.


California, el pueblo continua

Back in the City of Davis, and it’s an enriching experience to return to its commons with more power in my step than what was true the last time I visited.

I look up at the gentle sky, just over the bright warm trees, and down below at all the people around, through each of the places for them to go, and I don’t miss a heartbeat.

I’m one with the land that I know. When this is true once, this is true indefinitely.

It’s the truth that guided me as I proceeded to order my slice of pizza at marvelous Memorial Union.

And it’s the truth that guided me as I trekked once again through the campus’ whirlwinding bike lanes, past the glorious quad, and onto the sacred arboretum pathway.

It’s the truth that reminds me, time and time again, that these are


And that as such life is permeating with force no matter where I am, who I’m with, or just how I fare.

Everything is within reach.

Even if pangs of fear were once instilled through my ankles here, I walk even more now with towering love.

This body is mine. This land is my body. I can only keep growing with it.

So let us uproot, Davis.

With the highest shout out to the youth and family of SAYS 2018!