Cindy Weiss: Mother, Teacher, Student

I first met Mrs. Weiss in 2002 when I was just a pee-wee in her seventh grade math class at Thomas Starr King Middle School. It was a rather hectic time for yours truly. Having just learned the ins and outs of our school system, my friends and I weren’t exactly the friendliest bunch of students, but we were especially a handful with “nice” teachers. Ms. Weiss, it’d turn out, was a nice teacher. Hailing straight out of Cal State San Bernardino, she was barely into her second year at King when we met. From the start, then, our time together was always going to be a growing experience.

Over the course of the days that’d follow, legends would be born in the classroom we shared. Some good, some bad, and some just better left unspoken. At least in the context of this story, that is.

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