Don’t Be One Who You Are Not (A 7th Grade Student’s Poem on Identity)

Don’t be one who you are not, Be one who you are. Wearing a mask wears you out, Faking fatigues. The most exhausting activity is When you pretend to be What you know you aren’t. Everybody has something special inside, They just don’t always show it. Search deep inside, And in your heart You’ll know […]

Doubt is My Father’s Knee (A 7th Grade Student’s Poem on Doubt)

Who doubts me,I doubt me, my friends doubt me,Doubt just finds me. I think of my father’s fallEven after puncturing his kneeHe still wanted to drive us home,He didn’t want to quit on us,He had no doubt about it. Rest in peace Ermias. Nipsey believed in everyone,His passing has led other leaders to step up.His […]

I Knew (A 7th Grade Student’s Poem on Doubt)

Doubt, my dim companion. We can hurt from many things, But what’s most painful is When our loved ones doubt How much they’re truly loved. If you’re in doubt Then follow your heart, If you’re in doubt Then follow your instincts. Keep your spirit salient through the motions. One of the worst feelings is To […]

BEE STING (A 7th Grade Student’s Poem on Doubt)

Doubt is like a bee stingPiercing through my fleshInjecting its venom in my mindStruggling, twisting trying to break meLeaving me with thoughts of “I can’t.”I doubt me. My teachers doubt meBut I grab the stinger and pull it outUsing “I can’t” as my number one power source I am proving a pointDoubt means toFeel uncertainDoubt […]