Los Cuentos Is In, Los Angeles

It’s been nearly two months since the first-ever sale for the new Los Cuentos took place on JIMBO TIMES. This morning, I’d like to take a glance back at just what the project has led to for Los Angeles. I consider each Los Cuentos hat to be an accomplishment both for myself personally, as well […]

Rap Heat Coming from a Latino: Music in L.A. with Sal Roses

“What you give is what you get,But I only give respect,Where I really think it’s due,Tell me who the hell are you?” Sal Roses is a Salvadoran American writer born and raised in the City of Los Angeles, whose parents hail from the Pueblo of Santa Rosa de Lìma, La Union, El Salvador. As a […]

POC Today is Fundraising: Part II

Dear Friend, I’m officially stunned at how quickly the days go by. In the thirteen days since my first note to the base announcing POC Today’s fundraiser, there’s been a swarm of action for the team and I, right alongside the storm of nuclear news over this August. And in the wake of the white nationalist movement’s rally at […]