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That’s right! You can now tune in to SPOTIFY to listen in on the adrenaline-pumping build-up before our Second Annual Back to School PARTY. Learn about the making of this incredible event and more on your way to work, during lunch, or returning home from your commute!

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Los Cuentos Is In, Los Angeles

It’s been nearly two months since the first-ever sale for the new Los Cuentos took place on JIMBO TIMES. This morning, I’d like to take a glance back at just what the project has led to for Los Angeles. I consider each Los Cuentos hat to be an accomplishment both for myself personally, as well as for The City they’re dedicated to. They tell me that we’re only as limited as we believe ourselves to be, while everything else is up to our imagination. Thank you for your continued support Los Angeles, there’s much more on the way!


Rap Heat Coming from a Latino: Music in L.A. with Sal Roses

“What you give is what you get,
But I only give respect,
Where I really think it’s due,
Tell me who the hell are you?

Sal Roses is a Salvadoran American writer born and raised in the City of Los Angeles, whose parents hail from the Pueblo of Santa Rosa de Lìma, La Union, El Salvador. As a member of the ‘first’ generation of his family in L.A., Roses’s world was one where a survival & entrepreneurial mentality at home often clashed with the systemic nature of American schools, work and life. Before finding himself as an artist, Roses would navigate through violence and abuse at home and his environment, financial instability, and the process of discovering his voice, eventually learning ‘to turn mud into gold.’ He now seeks to influence the world through music emblazoned with messages of confidence, self-reliance, and determination to turn one’s dreams into reality. 

1. Who are some of your earliest musical influences?

Parents are always first. They introduced me to Latin music, including cumbias, románticas, and all that good stuff. But it wasn’t until my cousins introduced me to hip hop that I saw the most for myself in the music. They introduced me to Chicano gangster rap, and that’s when I really started to visualize what these artists were going through. I could see it going on with my primos.

2. Tell me about Appetizers, Vol 1. What led you to this name for your EP?

It’s just a taste! And you can’t have the entree without a set of appetizers. It’s a build up to the full course of art we intend to supply. At 3 songs it felt like the perfect follow up to Killing Other People’s Beats The Mixtape (KOPB The Mixtape). Appetizers Vol. 1 also gives me creative freedom to drop a snack whenever I feel like the people are hungry for it. Just gotta stay hungry.

3. Tell me about the Spanish verse in Now; why did you choose to include Spanish in your opening song?

It was very important to include Spanish on this first project. Spanish and English have been equally important in shaping me to the point that it would have been wrong to leave out a verse in the latter. Plus, now more than ever, you can feel the strength of the language; it just carries a little more weight these days.

4. What do you make of Latinos in Hip Hop in 2019?

We’ve been consumers of Hip Hop from near the beginning but have gone mostly under-represented for a while. As a market, the Latino culture is being targeted more than ever before in the music, but it also calls for creatives like us to fill in the missing pieces. There are still so many stories to be told, so many thoughts to be brought up for discussion, deep rooted issues that need addressing. Our true contribution is still being formed and that’s the most exciting part about it.

5. And so, what if Adam ate the apple first?

This is my favorite line in the whole project! Imagine a world where, for all intents and purposes, Adam took that bite instead of Eve. Would men feel more inclined to push for gender equality? Would we want women to treat us differently? I say this as someone who considers themselves a feminist, pushing for true gender equality and not gender overcompensation. To me it’s thought-provoking, like a whole different world can be imagined just based on that thought.

Sal Roses; Summer 2019

6. Tell me about the drums in Richard’s Drums.

I was making this beat, and my drums were sucking bad. Every single sound before the drums excited me, but when I got to them, they kicked my ass. So I called Richard over, and in like 2 minutes he laid it down. We named the track after him in that moment.

7. Who else would you like to shout out now that your EP is out?

I’d like to shout out anybody and everybody whose been supporting our movement. So much work has been put in behind the scenes just to get to where we are right now. It’s still so small-scale that having true support from people who believe in what we’re doing has been instrumental in creating not just music, but a movement, a mobilization, a future. Thank you all.

To check out Sal’s Appetizers, Vol. 1, find his album on Spotify HERE.


POC Today is Fundraising: Part II

Dear Friend,

I’m officially stunned at how quickly the days go by. In the thirteen days since my first note to the base announcing POC Today’s fundraiser, there’s been a swarm of action for the team and I, right alongside the storm of nuclear news over this August.

And in the wake of the white nationalist movement’s rally at the University of Virginia last night as well as the movement’s “Unite the Right” event there today, it’s clear there is much for our communities to read through and examine.

Rather than discussing these events at length in this note, however, I’m going to be more brief for the “second shot” at supporting POCT this fall.

I am proud to share POC Today’s latest interview for you all, titled Charla: Creative and Fearless.

Char is an awesome thinker, speaker, and community advocate, and though it took a while to finally sit down and interview her, it was well worth the wait.

I am also proud to share Edwin’s Videoscribe for POCT, in which he discusses our team’s focus on issues relating to mental health and well being for our communities going forward. It’s just Ed’s third vid supporting the team’s OUTLINE statement, but he’s getting better with each production, and it’s encouraging all of us to keep growing in our ability.

Each of these videos are material proof of just how much we’re capable of as a team when we put our minds together, how we’re getting better, and just how far we can and must still go.

Please consider donating to our work for this fall, as well as sharing our content –or this note– with your friends, colleagues, and other allies and advocates out there.

Together we do all of it, and together we’re going to win. We’ve got to.

Finally, a round of thank yous are in order to those supporters out there who have already donated to our drive. With you we keep going! And for you we’re incredibly thankful.

As they say in Ubuntu, [we are] because you all are.

Yours in strength and endless honor,