Look up from the deep, the static

All you see is what was, what isapparently,enough. Lungs inhaling, people slippingpast a line. Space collapsing on itself;time churning, slipping, sulking. Light pulsing,passing,placing, itself on a face it’s seen before, or a trillion of them Only to leave them,fading endlesslyinto darkness. Or what’s called darkness,death, or a dead end. The abyss. A dark point; or […]

In Stillness

As I look out at the horizon, I see waves that were once familiar replaced by new ones. As much as I might want to find the old waves again, I can’t recover something taken by the tide. And yet, I saw something interesting the other day when I read that ‘water has a perfect memory’. […]

Barnsdall Park

It sure has been some time since I saw Los Feliz’s most coveted green space, but its breathtaking bark looks as young as ever.