Vote for North Virgil’s Very Own Arasele Torrez

In the throes of Los Angeles, where traffic jams crowd out hopes of a day when the world might move differently, it can be difficult to imagine things actually changing. Yet when one encounters stories of the shakers and movers right in our midst, it’s clear that even if it appears like we’re only slouching […]

South Los Angeles since The Sixties

“More than a half century since the Kerner Commission, the history of South Los Angeles continues to be laden with broken promises and only modest improvements. Despite the huge efforts of residents, activists and others, the burden of under-investment and neglect continue to limit economic opportunity for too many Angelenos. This prescient report serves as […]

Twenty (-Six) Years After the L.A. Riots: How Things Have Changed

Originally published April 26, 2012 The time could not be more fitting. I just got home after one of those more frustrating nights, or, you know, one of those nights where you just want to burst through your door to run to your bed and take hold of your pillows. Not because you want to […]