Still Resilient in Los Angeles

When you’ve known a place your whole life, a place that you take pride in, where you’ve found love in, and where you’ve found yourself in, what do you do as that place is taken from you? When the people who comprise this place are people who look like you, or who speak the same […]

Well Hello There!

What’s going on Los Angeles?! POC Today is goin’ on. PSA: If you haven’t yet subscribed to POCT’s YouTube channel, please do so immediately! And if you’re already subscribed and all-up-to-date with our progress, then please share our work with a friend. Apart from our website (where you can see special notes and announcements ahead of the game), […]

Hey thanks again

Los Angeles, That is, thank you to every old and new supporter of the new horizons at POC Today. Tonight it’s my pleasure to share — just because J.T.’s got you all — the latest from our vlog series at POCT. IN the first of our four part interview, Marco V. masterfully describes an unforgettable moment of self-discovery […]

As we Proceed

Greetings again L.A! I hope this note finds you well. Although it’s been quieter on the JIMBO TIMES side of things, it’s sure been one heck of a premiere season for POC Today. On this day, it’s my pleasure to invite the people of J.T. to the new website for POCT. The site is where I’ll remain focused in the […]