Estimados Padres y Madres de Back 2 School 2,

Dear Parents & Guardians of Back 2 School 2,

Who Is Your Neighborhood is a local organization of young professionals–many of whom grew up in the vicinity known as East Hollywood in Los Angeles–as well as fellow residents and other supporters, whose mission is to serve and support local families for the benefit and improvement of our community, which is a predominantly working class, immigrant community of renters and first-generation families.

At our first Back 2 School Party last August 2018, we provided a free day of art, food, music, poetry, and other programs for over 50 different guests from in and around East Hollywood; families walked away with artwork, prizes, new information about local resources, and most importantly: a stronger sense of community in their vicinity than when they first walked into our program.

This year, our goal is to provide a second Back 2 School Party with an even stronger program for guests to participate in. And this is the key goal: participation. In order for us to improve this critical service, the ultimate goal of which is to improve the quality of life for families in our community overall, the work requires continual and increased participation from others. We therefore hope that this day with Back 2 School 2 will encourage families to participate in future versions of this program.

As parents of the next generation of our community, you and your children hold the keys to our future. We therefore honor your valuable contributions to life in our city with this special day dedicated to you. In the days ahead, we can use your support to build even more for our community to grow and prosper from. Thank you for your time, and please enjoy a wonderful day with us in East Hollywood this Saturday, August 24th, 2019!

Your friend and fan,

Jimmy “Jimbo” Recinos,
Quien Es tu Vecindario

Our 2nd Annual Back to School Flyer is a Golden Ticket

But instead of tickets allowing entry to a chocolate factory, they unlock entry to an entire land of sweets and stories, to a world meant not to be spoiled alone, but which is made richer each time it’s shared in kind; to a little pueblo known affectionately as JIMBO TIMES: The L.A. Storyteller.

Have you gotten your ticket yet?




It’s a pleasure to share a few of the wonderful faces from the Voices of Our Nation Arts Foundation! Hailing from places as far as The Bronx, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and even the Dominican Republic and Thailand, Miami is home to me because of these formidable writers, and it is an absolute pleasure to feature them on JIMBO TIMES! Now, perhaps we’ll have to make visits to each of these places in order to complete the circle?!

What’s for sure is that all of them are welcomed in Los Angeles when they make their way around the West coast, with the exception of maybe Yesenia (holding Puerto Rico’s flag), who might be just a little too much of a New Yorker to keep it cool with The L.A. Storyteller!

In all seriousness though, Yesenia is magnificent! To her right in the *Phamily photo sits Jackie, *Andrew, and Piper. Directly in front of me sits Marie-Francoise (who’s also from L.A.!), and to her right is Meg, Aracely, Nashom, and Dulce Reyes.

Towards the bottom, Vanessa Martir is stirring up a good time with Dulce and Marie. Vanessa served as the logistics organizer for the conference, making sure that each participant had everything they needed during their time in Miami.

And at the top, Kira Lynne Allen is getting love from all of the VONA family for her service as a staff member and caretaker. She’s been a part of the conference for over fifteen years, so you can imagine there was quite a bit of love shown! It was an honor to meet Kira, and a pleasure to hear her read from her book: Write This Second.