Who is your Neighborhood, the team behind two back to school parties in East Hollywood, is Now Official

Quien Es Tu Vecindario, or Who Is Your Neighborhood, before the “official” status in East Hollywood.

It’s true! Quien Es tu Vecindario–also known as Who Is Your Neighborhood–or the team behind two Back 2 School parties in the LACC area for two consecutive years, is now an official “non-profit” corporation for arts and education in East Hollywood registered with the state of California.

The organization is the first non-profit in East Hollywood founded and led by members born and raised in the community of immigrant single mothers and families. Following completion of our first fund-raiser, the team will begin work on our first grant application for opportunity programming with the L.A. County Department of Art & Culture. Goals for programming this Fall include an online book club for the neighborhood, homework help for teens, and forums for families in our community during these trying times.

Keep up with Quien Es tu Vecindario online, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any lines of support. To be sure, as with our “unofficial” events before any non-profit lingo, we do not need a lot of money. We just need a lot of ganas!


Reaching for the Stars

Did you hear?! It was another galvanizing night in The City! Wednesday night in downtown L.A. saw an amazing lineup of performances from Inner-City Arts, Homeboy Industries, and of course, the InsideOUT Writers and J.T!

The set also included a handful of local actors, poets and writers, and even hip hop dancers and comedians, each of whom delivered their own brand of the magic that makes L.A. one of the foremost creative hubs on the map.

To cap things off, it was one of IOW’s youngest writers — a sixteen year old ‘Ms. Jackson’ — who closed out the show when her performance was met with a standing ovation by a raucous crowd!

The night was the first of its kind for IOW at the venue, due in no small part to the gracious support of the legendary Richard Cabral. But rest assured, if you missed us, there will be more soon! Hanging and gliding through The City together, the road has never been brighter.