Los Angeles Students, California: Do Not Stop at One March

I see that it was in March 1968 that the students of five high schools across the fourth street bridge in East Los Angeles walked out of their classrooms in order to make their voices heard. They stood in defiance of rules barring them from so much as even uttering a word in Español at their […]

Los Angeles: Unchanged

It might just be natural to view our times with pure centrality, or a point of view that’s bound to the look and feel of where we are today, right now. How can we not, when it’s what we see online and in the papers, and when it’s all we can hear on the radio, or catch on tv on the day of. […]

Making Face, Making Soul (1990)

Before time runs out, it’s a pleasure to introduce my book for the month, which will be one of the greatest literary goldmines on my shelf for a long time to come. Below is an excerpt from Making Face, Making Soul: Critical Perspectives by Women of Color: “¡LA CULTURA! ¡LA RAZA! Sometimes all it means to me is […]

Lost and Found

It seems that with each generation, there’s always some skepticism about the fate of the future. And yet, the real question is: from just where does the idea that we should lookat the future with so much unease come from, exactly? In my own life, I’ve found that when looking to great minds about their thoughts on the […]