Who Doubts Me (For the Students of Los Angeles)

Who doubts meYou doubt meI doubt meWe doubt meWhy Why do we doubt so muchWhen doubters turned dreamers to destine the worldInto greatness like ours Waving like the rings of the voices you hear nowDriven by visions from eyesLike the ones you see now See us, you say?You see only a fraction of-YOU SEE US?! […]

Well Hello There!

What’s going on Los Angeles?! POC Today is goin’ on. PSA: If you haven’t yet subscribed to POCT’s YouTube channel, please do so immediately! And if you’re already subscribed and all-up-to-date with our progress, then please share our work with a friend. Apart from our website (where you can see special notes and announcements ahead of the game), […]

Whoah, Wow

On this day three years ago a little birdie named JIMBO TIMES was spawned into the universe. Now, I’d say some kind of a celebration is in order. Wouldn’t you? Stay tuned Los Angeles, </;) J.T.

POC Today is Fundraising: Part II

Dear Friend, I’m officially stunned at how quickly the days go by. In the thirteen days since my first note to the base announcing POC Today’s fundraiser, there’s been a swarm of action for the team and I, right alongside the storm of nuclear news over this August. And in the wake of the white nationalist movement’s rally at […]