Looking Back at Our Blog’s First Year

It’s been a wonderful first year with J.T., filled with so much growth, and as I reflect on where the blog is now compared to where it began, I think it’s time to place ‘the year in review’ to recognize the next chapter for The L.A. Storyteller! To do this, I want to briefly consider the time-frame at which so […]


…And just when I thought Miami couldn’t be any more of a dream, I went to the Books & Books store in the Coral Gables area for the V.O.N.A. Faculty Reading! The faculty illuminated the gorgeous house with their magnetic voices, while students and colleagues cheered them on through the evening! By the end of the night, I found myself at […]


Dear Friends, I write to you with a brief update from Miami, Florida! Between mosquito bites, hot and humid skies, lush green plant life and so much more, it’s been a fantastic adventure for yours truly. Life on the road has also been a powerful time of reflection, where I’ve gotten to look back on my […]

Hello Miami!

Miami: What a familiar world! Two days in, and I’ve already seen so much of L.A. on the streets and its people here that it feels like I’ve been a part of the town for much longer than forty-eight hours! I got into Miami on Sunday morning, and soon went shopping for some platanos fritos. At the store, I totally felt […]