December 1st, 2022 L.A. Metro Board Meeting Agenda, Item 50

In Metro’s own words:

“The modified fare restructuring recommendation (Attachment B) includes fare capping, fare pricing changes, and additional fare policy elements to simplify the fare structure and maximize the benefits of fare capping for Metro customers. The final staff recommendation is based on consideration of public input via mail, email, stakeholder outreach, and the public hearing. If these changes are adopted, the result will be a system where no rider ever overpays, and our most frequent riders pay less.”

In the words of Oscar Zarate, Director of Building Equity and Transit for SAJE (Strategic Action for a Just Economy):

“I urge you to reject the fare restructuring proposal and commit to achieving universal fareless transit. During the majority of the pandemic, buses were free to use for all riders, relieving the majority of Metro riders of their second-highest living expense behind the rent…The majority (70%) of Metro’s funding comes from local sales taxes. L.A. County residents, including me, already pay for public transit. Instead of adding to transit riders’ already burdensome cost of living and instead of maintaining an expensive and unjust fare collection and enforcement system, Metro should be universally and permanently fareless for everyone.”



In our 71st episode, we chat with Alexandria Contreras (@alexfordowney) (they/them pronouns), a queer, non-binary Latinx freeway-fighter in Downey. Alex and I have a magnetic conversation on the white and exclusionary origins of single-family housing in cities like Downey, and how local laws there continue preventing the construction of affordable housing for a new generation of residents. We also discuss how Alex took their experience growing up in the suburban community to launch a campaign for Downey’s City Council. Alex also describes forming the Happy City Coalition, a coalition of gateway cities in Southeast Los Angeles formed to stop Metro from displacing communities in the interest of more freeways. To keep up with their work, follow Alex on Twitter at @alexfordowney.



In our 68th episode, we chat with Kenny Uong, a Junior undergraduate student studying Metro and Urban Planning at Cal State Northridge, and one of the most recognizable figures for the urban planning community in Los Angeles today. Kenny and I discuss the roots of his passion for all things Metro, the importance of bus-only lanes for transportation service, Metro’s NextGen rollout, and more. See if you can keep up with Kenny’s various adventures via public transpo on Twitter at @_KennyUong_.