Just Us Against the World, Mama

I will never forget the anguish I put my mother through as a child. So many dreams. Dreams that are memories now that are also pain mixed up with love and a desire to let them be known. I remember the sock-puppet for show and tell, and the dim orange lighting in the kitchen bouncing […]

Los Angeles, so you know

It is quite possible, maybe even nearly guaranteed, that I will not be there on your final day. That is, in the final moment that defines that day. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but if I did it would just be untrue. I also wish it didn’t have to be so simple. I […]

Born Again,

Since as long as I can remember I was driven by a tremendous love for the world, which to be sure, was also a great reeling from the world, in that it hurt to love something so much. ‘Being driven’ implies some form of control over my love, though, except that I wasn’t always in control. […]