Top 5 NOs to Remember with Relationships this Summer

Okay, so this is a very special post, and for some of my teens out there, it’s going to be the most important post you’ll read on my blog all Summer 2019! You can count on one thing: I will be as authentic as possible with these tips because I’ve been there and I know […]

Show and Tell: The Sock-Puppet

I will never forget the anguish I put my mother through as a child. So many dreams. Dreams that are memories now and also pain mixed up with love and a desire to let them be known. I remember the sock-puppet for show and tell. It was a cloudy afternoon when the dim orange lighting […]

Los Angeles, so you know

It is quite possible, maybe even nearly guaranteed, that I will not be there on your final day. That is, in the final moment that defines that day. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but if I did it would just be untrue. I also wish it didn’t have to be so simple. I […]

Born Again,

Since as long as I can remember I was driven by a tremendous love for the world, which to be sure, was also a great reeling from the world, in that it hurt to love something so much. ‘Being driven’ implies some form of control over my love, though, except that I wasn’t always in control. […]