red roses in bloom

Rehaciendo/ Remaking

Mucho se ha notado del amor
Que es el amor
Y a donde va el amor
Una vez que se ha ido
Si el amor alguna vez se ha ido de verdad.

Pero creo que es eterno
Que todo lo que se pierde
Se encuentra de nuevo

Incluso una vez que refluye
Lento pero seguro,
Como la lluvia se convierte en aguaceros
Que se convierten en cielo nuevamente.

Cielo renovado en medio de luz renacida,
Sobre aire nuevo y resplandeciente,
La forma en que el amor es eterno.


Much has been made of love,
What love is
And where love goes,
Once love is gone,
If love is ever truly gone.

But I believe it springs eternal.
That whatever is lost
Is found again,

Even once it ebbs,
Slowly but surely,
The way rain turns to showers that turn into sky again.

Replenished sky amid reborn light,
Over new, resplendent air,
This is the way love springs eternal.


Tony Bao Tang: Song Unsilenced

Let loving words unsaid remain

In place of lost goodbyes withheld

For unsung verses bittersweet

In songs of memory shall obtain

A timely voice without conceit

Untuned yet echoing harmony

Lyrics unheard yet ever felt

Our song unsilenced bidding farewell


A few words from the author: I’ve realized recently that the more living, learning, and loving you do, the more you have left to do. It’s a perpetual cycle, so it seems, but I kind of like it. Writing has become one of my vehicles to express and reflect upon this cycle. Come along for the journey, if you so wish, HERE.


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