Secret Agent: How to Discover Your Neighborhood in Los Angeles

So it’s the second week of summer and you read How to Beat Summer 2019 Parts I – III, 10 Ways Not to Beat Summer 2019, and even How to Outline Summer 2019, but you’re still not quite sure what to do with all this newfound time on your hands. In this case, you’re likely […]

For the Gone but not Forgotten

Earlier this evening a vigil and march was held in Little Tokyo, serving both as a memorial for the lives lost in San Bernardino last week and as a stand against the wave of anti-Islamic sentiments sweeping across the country. Leaders across the faiths at the ceremony likened the hatred recently seen across so many news headlines to the same […]

Little Tokyo Vibes

This photo-set was taken in Little Tokyo with none other than my old pal Ishmael. The best part was that it was a spontaneous photo-shoot; I just happened to have my camera, and Ish just happened to be lookin’ fly! Los Angeles, California