Damn my co-workers! I’ve grown to care about them now, and quite fervently, at that! It just happened: over the last couple of months they’ve turned into more than just colleagues, but into something of another wacky little family that I’ve had the fortune of entering into. Now, long after every drink and customer is served, and even after the […]

There is supposed to be some shame in falling, Or a great regretting. Yet now I only marvel at the slip. Born from dreams that died midair to begin, There are other hopes now growing from the daze: Fierce, wanting, and fighting for the ground ahead.

Crossing the Streets in Los Angeles

It’s a moment of suspense, as we reach a place where our eyes waver, and where our hearts seem to stop in their tracks. In a city rushing like this one, it even feels like a dangerous act, to stand still in the middle of traffic. Before a flaming swath of footsteps trampling through the road, we risk being overtaken. And yet, in the midst of the crowd, there lies another appointment for us […]

To Be Sure

While posts have been far and fewer this month, I can assure the people of J.T. that their friendly local neighborhood Writer-man hasn’t actually been away, but that in addition to Starbucks, I’ve also been on a super-secret assignment as of late! I’ll detail the specifics of the assignment when the time is right, but […]